Train Up A Child Nursery School Bugolobi

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What we do

portfolio_6The school is well-known for its academic excellence, moral standards, discipline, Christian values, physical education and extra curricullar activities. It brings up God-fearing pupils irrespective of their religious background. Below are our objectives;

  • To build up moral volumes of children.
  • To help kids become self-reliant citizens of tomorrow.
  • To promote equity and quality learning opportunities for all children.
Educating The Future Generation

Train Up A Child Nursery & P/S is a school that stands out among other schools. We focus on creating productive and dependable citizens.

Our Services

“There is no school like Train Up. Only Train Up is like Train Up.”
The favorable atmosphere for implementation of Government Education program
and the following services are what makes our school exceptional in Uganda and the whole of East Africa.

Learn through play

Children can learn to make sense of the world around them through playing.

With the use of educational toys, kids learn many different skills they will need in their life such as: Problem solving and learning cause and effect. Learning how to play with others through compromise, conflict resolution and sharing.

Education Services

The kids acquire knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits through our Education.

The education methods at Train Up A Child Nursery include storytelling, quiz, discussion, teaching, training, and assessment.
It also helps kids to develop personally, socially as well as economically.

Toys and Games

Toys and games encourage children to interact with others.

Toys engage a child's senses and spark their imaginations. Kids use toys to explore object permanence and cause and effect relationships. They also need objects such as blocks to help them build motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Child Care

The kids left under our care are well taken care of while their parents are working.

The kids are well fed and looked after until their parents come for them. Our child care services allow parents to work at peace knowing that they will find their children in one piece. We establish a level of confidence with our parents.

Love and Care

The love and care we give to kids builds their confidence and self-esteem.

Lack of warmth and love can make children more stressed, we do not focus on put too much pressure on the kids to succeed without balancing it with affection. This helps children feel secure regardless of their accomplishments.

Physical Activity

Our kids keep their bodies strong and healthy through physical activities.

Physical activity is vital for a child's development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life. Promoting healthy growth and development, helping to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and building strong bones and muscles.